Lease With Purchase Option Program





    I have access to an investment company whose goal is to

     help  10,000-15,000 households in the next 14-16 months




The Investor works with households that want to rent homes with a right to purchase in the future

− First-time homebuyers

− Individuals relocating to a new market

− Households that cannot obtain mortgages


A household can select ANY HOME LISTED FOR SALE that meets our criteria:

−  Financial obligation is limited to one year of rent

− The lease can be renewed annually for a total of three years

− The resident can move out after any one-year lease term without penalty

− The resident can buy the home from us at any time during their residency


How It Works 




How to Apply


Residents can apply at


 Basic requirements:

              - Annual household income of at least $50,000

              - Stable employment

              - No history of eviction and no pending bankruptcy;

              - Acceptable criminal history

 Every household must provide:

             - Full Application from everyone 18+ years old

             - Application Fee ($75 total per household)

             - Supporting documents: Income Verification & Asset Verification (equal to 2 months rent)


Property Requirements


Once Approved, You Work With Me To Find a Home That You Want The Investor To Buy!


It must meet the following requirements:

 1.  Location

        - In an approved community 

         (based on default high school attendance zone, ranked in the top 50% in the state)

        - Not adjacent to features that may negatively impair value

 2.  List Price Between $100,000 and $550,000

 3.  Size

      - Minimum of two bedrooms

      - Lot of three acres or less

4.   Property Type

      - Single family home or fee-simple townhome

      - No condo associations, commercial or multi-family properties

5.   Sale Type

      - Traditional sale or bank-owned properties

      - No short sales or auctions

6.   Safety Considerations

      - No material deficiencies (e.g., major structural issues, pervasive mold, etc.)


How To Find A Home







Contact Me to Submit a Property


−MLS Listing Sheet

−Seller Disclosures

−Comparable Market Analysis


−Resident Renovation Checklist  




The Right To Purchase





The investor provides a schedule of rent and purchase prices for each lease term:



Contract to Closing