Contact Me to Submit a Property

  • I’ll submit the property to the Investor's underwriting team using an online form 


  • I’ll send supporting documents to

−MLS Listing Sheet

−Seller Disclosures

−Comparable Market Analysis


−Resident Renovation Checklist


  • The investors will value the property within 4-6 business hours of receiving all required information





The Right To Purchase

  • Once you are approved and we find a home...We submit it to the investor, and they analyze the value of the home


  • If approved, they send us an email outlining the Total Cost Basis and what we will offer


  • They also outline the rent and purchase prices for each lease term


The Right To Purchase

  • The investor provides a schedule of rent and purchase prices for each lease term:
  • You will agree to pricing before the investor makes an offer.
  • The rent increases by 3.75% per year.
  • The purchase price increases by 5% per year.


Contract to Closing

  •  Once you, the applicant agrees...The investor generates and signs a contract and returns it with proof of funds
  •  I’ll make an offer on the home as the buyer’s agent for the Investor
  •  The Investor is a cash buyer, and they bid competitively at fair market value
  •  Once we are under contract...You, the resident, signs a one-year Lease and the Right to   Purchase Agreement
  •  You, the resident, provides a two-month deposit
  •  The Investor schedules and pays for a home inspection
  •  As a cash buyer, the Investor is able to close quickly (within 30 days)
  •  Once the Investor buys the home...You, the resident, needs to provide the first month’s (pro-rated) rent within 72 hours
  •  The Investor makes any Make Ready repairs or requested renovations
  •  The resident may exercise the Right to Purchase at any time during their residency for the appropriate predetermined price with 60 days notice